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Post by Mohammmed97 on Mon Mar 16, 2015 3:29 pm

I dont know what happened to jp. For people who think i left i didnt i would never leave kcc. But i have respect. Jp telling me to bounce as if i was a noob who just joined 2 days ago. And when ff got banned dlow had his back and i said that ff was the acting leader for the clan and clan wouldve been full of noobs without him.interesting thing that stunned me is when jp talked about kicking ff(assuming he was banned). And i was like FUCK LOYALTY HAS NO VALUE!! Watch ur back eff eff. Ooh and that guy jdpowell wanted u out of kcc. He and jp where both chattin. But wait a second didnt u recruit powell and get him to kcc. next step is promoting jp to leader and there u have it. A mexi takeover


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