Adan has achieved his life goal

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Adan has achieved his life goal Empty Adan has achieved his life goal

Post by urdeadtoday1 on Tue Apr 28, 2015 5:33 pm

I just want to say congratulations to Adan for kicking me. Ide like to thank all of u for giving me a great time in the clan, and jp i put those xbows up, too bad u didnt have a chance to seem em. Anyways i didn't ignore you or the people that told me to put them up I just lost connection and it reset the changes, this is an excuse but its true, reason why i couldn't get on to raid in war for a whole day. I'm guessing you guys lost this war, and are using me as a scape goat. Well guess wat thats fine, dead left his xbows down he got 3 starred, use him as a scape goat to hide our shitty ass attacks, it's all good in da hood. It's not the first time and I'm tired of it, i didn"t break ANY rules this time, i raided twice made clean up, it wasn't a 3 so too bad. I left xbows down, my bad but last time i checked that wasn't in the clans rules. Anyways sorry for letting yall down with the xbows and making u guys lose a war, it was COMPLETELY my fault. And this isnt an essay to beg to come back. Infact i dont want to come back. Great clan great people shitty reasoning. Might be ironic me saying this but its true, there's too much bs against me and I'm sick of u adan waiting for a chance to boot me. You're real tough bruh keep doing that ull be just as shitty of a person as me. My last 10 kicks have been from u for no fcken reason. And I'm not trying to be daemon and I'm not a fag u foo and u can kiss my fucken ass adan cuz I'm not coming back to get kicked my u again. Atleast i wont beg, i still might come back but thats up to riv and after reading wat i said hell probably say no. Anyways love the rest of u guys, good times, 2 years in a single clan was fun, shout out to every1 except adan. Tried to settle matters, i even wanted to but i got booted so gg.


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Adan has achieved his life goal Empty Re: Adan has achieved his life goal

Post by Fearless Fred on Tue May 05, 2015 4:33 pm

Dead, you are the scapegoat following war losses. I have advocated for you but apparently you have burned too many bridges with others.

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